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When productivity and efficiency are important to your grading projects, the only choice is a LEON Rear Blade unit. For over 50 years, LEON’s has been building high quality, rock solid material handling equipment that has stood the test of time. Our products have earned LEON a world-ide reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and innovative design.

  • Model 30

  • Model 50

  • Model 70

  • Model 85

  • Model 125


  • Model 165

  • Model 200

  • Model 280

  • Model 350

  • Model 420

Current LEON Rear Blades available: 


LEON Specially Designed Moldboards - Save Time, Fuel and Energy. LEON knows that you need precise cut and roll action for those demanding jobs. That is why LEON has specially designed and ripple formed every rear blade unit. Performance testing has proven that the curvature of LEON mold boards delivers maximum roll when working in even the toughest dirt, gravel or snow. 


LEON Replaceable High Carbon Cutting Edge - Rugged can be defined by LEON’s 1/2″ X 6″ (13mm X 152mm) high carbon cutting edge which has been specially formed to the contour of the moldboard. Fully replaceable, this cutting edge can also be reversed on all models of LEON Rear Blade units.


LEON Heavy Duty “All Welded” Mainframe - That’s Built to Last Designed to an ideal length, Mainframe assemblies accommodate a full 360 degree turn of the moldboard. LEON mainframes feature “all welded” construction to prevent cracking or twisting. 


LEON Skid Shoes Provide Longer Life - To prolong the life of your LEON Rear Blade, adjustable skid shoes are available. LEON skid shoes will increase resistance of the blade against normal wear and tear that occurs from years of pulling dirt, snow, sand, gravel or any abrasive materials.


LEON Side Plates - Handle bulky material quicker and easier by adding on solid steel LEON side plates. Materials will no longer be lost to the side by equipping the LEON Rear Blade with heavy side plates that can attach in minutes.


LEON Support Stands - Simply hook up and drive away. For the larger LEON Rear Blade models, support stands will enable the operator to quick-attach to any 3-point hitch. 


LEON Heavy Duty King Pin - All LEON Rear Blades feature a solid steel king pin constructed from cold rolled steel. The LEON king pin is engineered to withstand pressure and will transfer all pulling stress to where it is designed to be…on the durable moldboard assembly.


LEON Gauge Wheels - No more “digging in” when working in rough terrain. Solid rubber segmented gauge wheels are available on larger models of LEON Rear Blade units. Setting your gauge wheel to the precise level of the cut will enable you to achieve a smoother more uniform grading operation. 



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